We help our impact donors to optimize the use of their philanthropic capital.

UG has a team of talented professionals who dedicate their free time to work pro bono for our impact donors …
— Stephan, UG Director & CFO


  1. We see a growing appetite for impact investments that are meaningful and go beyond ESG principles
  2. In particular in the philanthropic impact space, we understand that impact donors do not always have the adequate resources, time, or both, to find the right opportunities and to actively drive impact value creation
  3. We truly value the work of many organizations that address essential challenges in our societies

  4. Over the years of working with many good people, we came to realize that their impact can be elevated to a higher level if they receive backing from an impact sponsor who actively drives impact value creation

… by finding, sponsoring and actively managing impact investments with the goal to drive impact value creation.
— Steve, UG Director