Established in 2008, United Generations is a 501(c)(3) focused on maximizing the impact of philanthropic capital through active, equity-like investments in non-profits and ventures with strong social impact focus. Although UG began as a non-profit providing services, it has since evolved to making focused impact investments. UG takes an equity-like mindset to its investments, seeking the opportunity to help grow and scale the impact of non-profits where metrics for success may require definition, and for-profit ventures with a social impact focus where profit and impact metrics may be more well defined. This discipline, applied by UG’s team successfully in the for-profit arena, works to maximize the societal impact of the organizations it invests in.

UG provides impact funding and sponsorship for enterprises seeking to positively impact society. Its funding is structured in an equity-like structure in order to maximize impact and progress, and, where appropriate, generate returns for the purpose of reinvestment. The UG team also helps drive value creation throughout its sponsorship through strategic advice from a team of experienced professionals.

UG’s team has come together from diverse walks of life and experiences with the common purpose of using its expertise to help promising ventures positively impact society. The team leverages its investment expertise to select, diligence, and value ventures for investment. It then draws on strategy and management experience to provide advice and direction to maximize each venture’s impact. Read more about our people here.