The wealth gap in America is wider than it’s ever been before. Medicare spending is projected to grow at ~7% until 2024, exceeding GDP growth expectations. Almost half the world, over 3 billion people, live on less than $2.50 per day. These people never have a real shot at living a purposeful and productive life due to nothing other than being born with a losing ticket in life’s natural lottery. And when people are deprived of opportunity due to basic hurdles such as access to education or healthcare, we all lose. 

The good news is that the appetite for charitable donations to address existential human needs is growing. However, donors are more and more seeking to maximize the amount of positive benefit brought about from each dollar invested. Non-profit organizations may spend time, money and effort towards mission-unrelated tasks, and many fail to achieve the most cost-effective solutions. And impact donors may not always have the time or resources to find the most essential organizations, or work with them to streamline operations and strategically enhance impact opportunities.

At UG, our mission is to optimize the impact of philanthropic capital by harnessing investing and management experience to drive maximum impact for the organizations we sponsor. We aim to achieve justice through a redistribution of opportunity, accessible education and healthcare, and effective altruism. Read more about how UG is taking action here.